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Spiritual   Journey

Looking for YourSelf

Personal reflections about one's self-discovery and spiritual journey. Don't look any further than the person looking at this screen. Self discovery starts with you and ends with you. The length of the journey is up to you and you can get lost, blinded by fears, addictions both physical and spiritual. For me spiritual enlightenment didn't start as a life of servitude and isolation, it started with faith. Life is to enjoy there are a lot of beautiful things to see, people to meet, religious and spiritual beliefs to explore in all walks of life on our ever diminishing planet.

Everyone and Everything around you is your Teacher.

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A place to blog about your own experiences share with others an get feedback and/or give feedback

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My Early Experiences.

The following two Web pages outline some of my spiritual experiences take the time and read both and Please Note I donít Endorse the Ads on this Web Page the ads come with the web pages. DON'T FORGET TO READ PAGE 2 YOU'VE COME THIS FAR SEARCHING COMPETE THE VISIT and leave your comments on the Blogg

Welcome to Ghostriter's Web Page. I'd like to start with I hope the following will help you along on your journey. These pages won't answer many of your questions. My spiritual place is were I am whether it is in the desert sitting on a rock, sheltering from the rain, watching a magnificent sunset because I am a spiritual being experiencing a human journey. Need some help or just to share then try an entry on my NEW blog. Don't forget to read page two link is below it is worth a read.

My first experience with Out of Body Experiences was as a small child was on the operating table and being totally conscious to an experience which as youngster passed off as a dream. My age 6 years old, I remember waking up and thinking BOY what a dream. I had flying dreams regularly and loved the experience.

I remember my next major experience was horrifying because I didn't understand what happened. I was 16 years old and playing football when I dislocated two fingers, which had to be reduced under anaesthetic. At the time I was at a boarding school and an exceptional athlete. After dislocating both fingers I was taken to my boarding house where two Doctors attended. I recall being asked to count back from 100 and getting to 92 and thinking to myself what's next; I was fighting the effects of the anesthetic. Then all of a sudden I felt a floating sensation and started to move into and through the wall next to me. I remember trying to claw my way back or to prevent myself from moving into and/or through the wall. I was absolutely petrified, the horror I experience was indescribable. When I awoke, once again I recall saying to myself boy I never what to go through that again so started a journey of fear of doctors, dentists and such.

With reflection my out of body experiences only continued in the form of what I thought was dreaming/day dreaming events or so I thought. I never investigated the experience by talking to someone or sort literature to explain the experience just let the fear fester and grow as it did for many years.

Many years have passed since that experience and I was introduced to meditation through being involved with martial arts and my instructors sister was into yoga. The power of meditation was huge, yet I could never let myself totally go, always remembering my earlier experience. Some years later, I started to explore these experiences after reading two books which opened my mind to what had happened. The journey started, I then started searching, yet the search wasn't easy and people didn't easily discuss their experiences and/or looked oddly at me when I spoke of the experiences.

Some of the power books I read didn't help a lot just confused me as I was checking my insides with somebody else's outsides. Reading books on dreaming, Lucid dreaming etc only to be more confused wasn't till I stating interpreting and taking control of my own dreams that I started progressing I found that if I dream about a spider will mean something to me and something different to my partner as she is petrified of spiders and I'm not. So dreaming about certain things in my view doesn't always have a universal meaning there a lot more factors that influence the interpretation.

Today I have conscious out of body experiences, meditate regularly and and at peace with myself and the universe. My search had to start from within yet I needed go out and search yet the sign posts lead back to me.

At 16 years of age I wish I had the internet, literature and/or people just to talk with about what I was experiencing. I even went throught the I'm going mad scene and was fortunate that the person I saw was into metaphysics and after our session laughted at me and said you one of the lucky ones.

Have Spirtual Topic

Most people have spiritual experiences and pass it off as just than an odd experience. If you've had OBE's, flying dreams, dreamt the future, can see the future or have a voice telling you things that come true, eg driving down the road and something say's slow down, or what ever and if you hadn't you most likely be dead. You've heard of people who have falling dreams and wake up before they hit the bottom. Well my dreams of falling include the hitting the bottom and you don't die. During my ealier experiences with meditation, I was disturbed by what at the time was a distracting noise and was amused to find, I was snoring. Also being conscious while I am well into the sleep zone. Being able to consciously direct what is happening in a dream is an interesting experience. All these experiences have happened to me and many more. Write to me about your experiences If you as the reader find this page of me, I find no question to silly nor will I ignore any writer, also I do not sit in judgement of others. Note my E-mail address is dead due to all the Junk Mail I get. I post a new e-mail address in the new year.

Changes to My Web Page

The following Web Page (PAGE 2) will tell more - just "click" the link

Thanx for all the E-mail, love reading about other peoples experiences and hope my replies have helped also thanx for the WEB addresses you sent as well. If you think about writing then do it, I wish I had a web to check out when I started having these experiences. I wouldn't have blocked them out for so many years because I was to was frightened to share with others.

I am a little slow with updating my web page regularly.

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