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Page Two of One Persons Spiritual Journey

The following are on some of my experiences I had which, changed my view of life, people, this planet, the universe, faith, faith in myself and faith in a spiritual being. I have had so many, every day spiritual experiences that is I just had to open my heart, look because I've been blind, hear because I've been deaf, feel because I had lost the true essence of feeling.

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Page One of a Spiritual Experience:

And My Journey Continues!

What I write on these pages are not about things to do, just maybe by reading these pages you open your heart and your mind a little further to see into your own spirituality. If you believe or don't believe go away with the same belief it doesn't really matter as long as you went away not judging. These are some of my lives special moments I share with you.

I have for many Years Experimented with Meditation. It all started when I was heavily involved with sport. My days of being a top athlete were over by this time. Yet I wish what I know I knew then. For many years after, I was involved in bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Coaching A grade Football, Basketball, both Seniors and Juniors. I was using Meditation to get over hurdles in training, the flat spots or plateau training etc. My sporting career has always been drug free.I was totally addicted to sport, meditation was an add on to the addiction not a search for spirituality in this time of my life.

There is such a psychological demand on the system when one is required to perform at Max all the time and we find top Athletes struggle under this pressure when they have more than enough ability to be the winners. In a lot of cases instead of being in touch with our mind and body we opt for the easy solution "DRUGS". A true athlete is in touch with his/her mind, body and spirit/soul. Not trying to turbo charge the body by adding chemicals to the system. The body has already it's own turbo charger, you just have know how to turn the "Thing On".

Golf player on the 17th tee of the final round and some player is breathing down his neck and he's been faltering under this pressure over the last 4 or 5 holes. The top golfer has the ability ten fold to win hands down from his lead, yet what happens he falters and either looses or may just win.

We try affirmations, meditation, go to or are involved with motivational speakers trainers etc, everything works well until the pressure is on, our spirit falters or something goes wrong our calmer goes out the window and guess what we fall in a heap. Hmmm why does this happen. One reason it that when the pressure is on we discard all that we have learnt, try and take full control, throw faith out the window. By taking control we lose control.

We are so into physical beauty that we have forgot what inner beauty is and what it feels like. People are so obsessed with this physical beauty yet may be cold inside that they would turn milk sower entering a milk factory.

Sports, money, work obsession, addictions (any type), any out of balance activity or thought which takes us away from the true journey. Even journeys of self discover can be so obsessive that we missed the simplest of messages, miss the purpose of the journey.

What's the point in discovering lifes meaning when...

We haven't enjoyed life itself......Why try to find out about the future when one is afraid of the present. The only moment we have is right now and that's what I enjoy as much as possible.

Why experience something when there is no truth in the experience, no love, no joy and no giving, not a physical or a wealth thing, the giving of self without reward. Like in the Tale of Two Cities, " is a far far better thing I do that I have ever done before." As he was going to his death in somebodies place and nobody would really now of his sacrifice. I'm not saying that everybody go jump under a train to save a grasshopper. It's is the spiritual though behind ones actions. How Often have you done something good for somebody without them knowing about prayer, even for somebody you don't get on with. Have a problem with someone pray for them, don't try and get even - it works.

The Journey becomes more rewarding.......

An Insect Experience.....

DRAGONFLY My wife is absolutely afraid of insects or anything that crawls. Well one night she didn't use the downstairs toilet because of a large DRAGONFLY being trapped. The next day she brought my attention to this creature being there and that I should get rid if it ASAP. I went to investigate and sure enough there was this thing about 3 or 4 inches (8 to 10 cm) roughly. Hmmm hope it don't bite not knowing much about insects, I got a tea towel and went into the toilet and captured the insect and ventured outside. I then released it from the towel and it crawled onto my left index finger. Seeing it didn't want to chew my fingers off, I started looking at the insect a little closer, as it didn't seem to what to fly away. I could fell a vibration from its wings, which were moving and on closer inspection was amazing. My wife was on the other side of the fly wire door watching all this - screaming. I brought the insect closer for her to examine in safety there was some interesting verbal comments at this time (#$%$#@#$). Yet what she saw next seemed to calm her down somewhat. As I began to do so I decided to rub the insect on its face with my right index finger. Well to my surprise it brought up its right front leg and rubbed my index finger. Hmmm I though, so I tried again and the same response occurred again and again some 8 or 9 times. My wife was dumbfounded at what she was seeing. I thought by this time that I'd let it go and walked to the edge of the back porch and lifted my hand into the air with a short jerk. The insect still remained on my finger a second attempt saw it fly away. Speaking to my wife after I said, "Would you have believed what you just saw if you hadn't seen it, she said, "No, I wouldn't if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes."

I was on an emotional high for days from that experience feeling of a warm glow inside. I think about this experience and others along the same lines.

Now for Some Of My Out of Body (OBE) Adventures...

This experience I'll share probably won't seem like an out of body experience, yet it is.

I was having a restful sleep and something woke me still drowsy I lay awake looking at the dark ceiling. There was still a flicker of moonlight coming through the window, just enjoying the quite of the early morning, all of a sudden I realised that my eye lids where shut. I lay there afraid to move thinking sh.. what is going on here, laying there I had good vision yet was to afraid to move and totally puzzled at what was going on. I starting feeling wow this is magic and wanted to take control and guess what my eye lids opened and I had standard 20 20 being so disappointed the experience had stopped. I lay awake pondering till the sun came up and dropped off to sleep that kept the intellect running ragged for several weeks.

One of my early out of body experiences started after a night shift. To practice to staying awake during meditation I would come home after working a 14-hour night shift and meditate till I was ready to go to sleep the just turn over and go to sleep. It was hard at first yet I managed to consciously stay awake while my body was asleep. One thing that was hard to overcome and being disruptive was listening to myself snoring. This raised my depth of meditation; I worked on this problem for about a month till I over came the disruption. When I first noticed this I was meditating away and next minute I could hear this noise and wandered what it was as this raised my depth of meditation the noise would stop. I realised that I was listening to myself snore. Anyway, on this particular occasion I had been meditating for about 20 minutes when I felt my body energise the hairs on my body felt like nails. The feeling was similar to hitting the funny bone (elbow) probably not quite as intense yet was powerful. I was then floating out of my body and moving toward where the ceiling and wall meet. It was like I was being drawn without wanting to go yet I was going. Then I felt an acceleration that was hugely fast and then darkness, I felt the speed getting faster and faster, I'm saying to my self just relax and stay with this, the blackness I was seeing was the blackest I had ever seen. I had no concept of time, yet my fear levels were being elevated and I'm talking about visit the toilet type of fear. I wanted out and I wanted out now...bang I'm back in my body I have my eyes open and wanting to jump out of bed yet couldn't move. My fear lead to panic and still I can't move, I regained some focus and started to concentrate on my right hand and fingers to get them to move and by doing this I slowly began moving the other parts of my body. I sat on the edge of the bed sweat pouring off me and thinking boy I don't want to do that ever again. It was some time before I mustered enough courage to start again. The odd thing was the time that lapsed felt like about 30 minutes when I looked at the clock 2 hours and 30 minutes had passed.

And another of My Out of Body (OBE) Adventures...

An other Early experience - On this particular occasion had finished a night shift (14-hours) followed by an afternoon shift (8-Hours) with only and 8-hour break. This is just the way our work roster functions. I can home and jumped into bed feeling a tad sleepy I read for a while and guess what I started to become awake (night shift mode kicked in). Ok, I started a meditation exercise which, worked and I dropped off to sleep. I was a wakened by the feeling of my body energising, I still can't get my head around the power, sometimes it's incredible. I found myself in the hallway outside my bedroom, and I was over the moon as I recognised what was going on. There is a tiled mirror wall- at the end of the hallway and I could see a glow from the TV, which had been left on. Enough to create reflection in the mirror and light up the area. I was unable see in the dark at this time (finding my feet with OBE's). Then I spotted somebody at the end of the hall and thought to myself that somebody else was in the hall. I remember thinking "sh.." somebody else is here, my first response was excitement then I became scared and bingo like being shoot out of a cannon I was back into the body. This was the very first time I actually experienced the full return to the body. You've experienced the feeling when a jet or a fast full powered car takes off well multiply this by 100. The acceleration was huge. This was making my head go at 1000 miles per hour thinking of all the possibilities, who and what was in my house I got up to check this out the goose pumps on my body must have been the size of golf balls. Found nothing went back to bed, still having trouble clearing the head went back into meditation mode dropped of to sleep, experienced another minor OBE. The next day, did I relive the experience 1000 times. It wasn't until I could step back clear the head and walk through the experience again did I realise that what I experience was my reflection in the mirror not somebody in the hall. I had a problem with that, how can my spiritual body create a reflection. I know what I saw and don't have clear understanding as yet, some theories nothing concrete. Also the reflection from the TV was a very pronounce green. The lesson from this was I needed to work with each experience have a clear head and I really saw how my imagination can create a false picture of what was going on. A timely lesson just when I needed to have some prospective on what was happening. What can happen is the desire overwhelms the truth! Today when I obsess about thing's I step away for a while sometimes day's until my head clears.

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